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ABC’s of Authors on Instagram: Everything Your Account Should Have

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A. Author Appearance

Have a book signing or promotional event? Get someone to snap a quick picture of you signing your books or talking to readers to post on your account!

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B. Biological Information (Sort Of)

Your Instagram will allow you to have a brief “About Me” at the top of your account. Use this space to say a little bit about yourself or what you’ve written. The key is to keep it short, sweet, and interesting. You can also add a link to your personal website!

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C. Collaboration

If you have a friend that is also an author, Instagram is a great opportunity for you to showcase your friendship and for you to tag each other in posts. When you post together, it expands your audience—double the authors, double the potential readers!

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D. Daily/Weekly Posts

The key to a good Instagram is recognizing your audience and knowing how many likes you get based on how often and what time you post. Play around with it. You will start to see a trend in the likes on your pictures and will be able to know when you should post.

E. Eye-Catching Photos

Not everyone can be a photography master—but don’t be afraid to break out your artistic side with color and interesting materials. Don’t go too crazy with the filters, but take the time to freshen your photos up before posting them so they’re the best they can be!

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F. Facebook

Instagram has an option where you can share your photos that you post on Instagram directly to your Facebook page. This way, if you have friends on Facebook you aren’t currently connected with on Instagram, they can see what you’re up to and follow you!

G. Games

What better way to promote your books and get buzz on your account than games and competitions? Have your followers use hashtags to submit pictures, offer a “Like,” “Comment,” or “Follow Back” to the follower who’s the 30th person to like your photo, or anything else creative you can think of. Not only will it generate potential readers, it will allow people to interact with you through commenting on your posts.

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H. Hashtags

You can either create your own personal hashtag, hashtag something relevant to you or your post, or both! For example, use the hashtag (#) with your book title or if your marketing campaign has a slogan. The possibilities are infinite, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend adding more than 5 to your caption.

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I. It’s Time To Post!

Certain times of the day generate more “likes” than others. Look to post your pictures at around 9:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., or 7:00 p.m.

J. “Just Because” Posting

While posting photos of your life outside of the book realm is highly encouraged, watch how many images you post. Think about what images are important to you, and post those because that is what is going to be important to your followers.

K. Keep Up With It

After you have found your groove on posting, keep your account updated. There is nothing worse than following your favorite author and not seeing a post more recent than 20 weeks ago.

L. Life Moments

In addition to showing your followers your books and upcoming events, make sure to include aspects of your personal life. If you went on a trip to Europe or got the greatest cup of coffee at a small shop in the city, don’t be afraid to post those pictures too!

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M. Marketing

Instagram is a perfect outlet to market your new books, old books, an event, or a signing. By taking a picture of your new book or something you’re working on, you are using your social media to market your work to your fans! What better way to show your followers you just published another book than snapping a picture of it?

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N. No Personal Information

Keep your address, phone number, and email address off of your account. I know it’s obvious but just wanted to state that explicitly. Instagram is not the place for that.

O. Only Follow Back Who You Know/What Is Useful For You

Use the follow-back button sparingly. Follow accounts you know and interest you. The last thing you want is a bunch of spam and inappropriate pictures clogging up your feed.

P. Profile Pictures

Like Facebook, Instagram gives you the option to add a profile picture. This is a bit different because the selected images in a smaller circle that cannot be expanded if someone tried to click it. Regardless—pick a picture that is reflective of you!

Q. Quotes

Quotes (not passages!) are increasingly becoming popular as Instagram pictures. Whether you use an application (we recommend or a fan generated an image of a quote from your book, posting quotes will give your followers a taste of your novel. Or post a quote not from your book that is special to you!

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R. Reader Relationships

At book signings or at an event, if you take a picture with a reader, post it and tag them in it. Instagram is a great way to keep in contact with your audience.

S. Shout-Outs

In addition to pictures with readers, if you get fan mail or someone gives you something that you really appreciate, post it! Give your reader a shout-out on your account, and it will be something they never forget.

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T. Teasers

Working on a new book? Feel free to use Instagram to tease your readers. Post a picture of your screen or something to denote you are hard at work. Give them a taste of what’s to come, but don’t give anything away!

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U. Updates

Have a publication date set or a movie release coming? Update your followers with a picture and caption it with news about what is going on!

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V. Variety

Don’t post the same thing every time! Keep your Instagram updated with a variety of picture types to keep followers interested.

W. Writing Process

As a reader, oftentimes we only see the end product of your hard work. Keep your Instagram updated with pictures of you writing with a cup of green tea, and immerse your followers in your writing process.

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X. X-Factor

What you do makes a difference on the literary community. Show your followers what you are doing and what you have that gives you an extra boost in their eyes. Whether it’s a fan that has inspired you or something that keeps you going let your readers know why you do what you do.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.35.58 PM

Y. You!

Your Instagram is a short account of who you are. Individualize it as much as you can. Make it truly all about you, so make sure you personalize it with your own twist!Whether you always add a hashtag or you post quotes every Wednesday, make your Instagram a small peephole into your life.

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Z. Zealous Posts

You are passionate about your work, and we are passionate to read it! Use Instagram to show your readers how much you love what you do and keep them antsy for more.


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