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Interview with Cary Pfeffer, Winner of the Axiom Business Book Award

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In 2016 Cary Pfeffer published There’s Not an App for That! Communication Skills to Become an Irreplaceable Leader with Wise Ink Creative Publishing. Axiom Business Book Awards recently awarded it a Bronze Medal in the Networking category. Winning a national book award is an honor and a rarity, and Cary has achieved that distinction with his first book. Cary Pfeffer has been a communications leader for more than three decades. He has been a news anchor, a university lecturer, and most recently the founder of ClearComm Consulting, where he advises high-profile leaders. Most importantly, he has been a keen observer of how the most effective leaders communicate. With an emphasis on listening and effective storytelling, There’s Not an App for That is resonating with readers and business leaders all over the country.


We asked Cary some questions about his writing process and his plans for the future.


What was the writing process like for you?

A delight! For more than twenty years as a newsperson, I wrote every day. Then, during the last ten plus years as a business owner, I lapsed from that daily discipline. The process was fun in that I actually sat in a different spot in my house to put myself in my “book writing” mindset. In about six months, working once or twice a week, I had the book fleshed out, then a few more months of polish and it was done.

How do you see your book impacting people?

The more you can connect with others, the more successful you will be in the business world—and in life overall. This book is about making connections in a genuine, authentic way. If you improve that skill set you are sure to see more success.

What was the biggest learning experience you’ve had since publishing your book?

Writing is very solitary. My colleagues who saw pieces of the book were supportive, but I still wondered, “Does this really work?” What has surprised me is the cross section of people who have loved it. From New York business types to college students just dreaming of making it on their own. Then, winning a national book award was one of the most significant honors I’ve ever received because it comes from the writing world, a world I am only getting to know.

Have you learned something new about your profession through the writing process? If so, please share it.

Every time I think I know this topic I learn something new. Communication is the absolute glue holding us together. Playing a small part in helping people get it right is really a privilege.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Number one, if you are writing about your passion, you are already headed in the right direction. Second, always be in search of stories! It’s the anecdotes that make any business book sing and I am always on the lookout for good business stories now.

What business leader do you admire right now? Who embodies your message of great communication?

Sheryl Sandberg without a doubt. Often, I am asked to work with women leaders and it has really become a special focus for me. (I have two successful adult daughters and so my belief started at home.) I think Sheryl has done more to add clarity to the narrative of women’s leadership than any other person. We can gain a competitive advantage in the United States by cultivating more high profile women leaders. We can inspire women in places where women’s leadership isn’t as public or encouraged. We’ve never met, but I would love to spend a half hour visiting with her.

Now that you are an award-winning author will we see a follow up to There’s Not an App for That?

Another book is in the works, probably for Spring 2018. There is plenty more to say on the topic and, when I’m not out talking about it with clients and business audiences, I’ll be writing about it!


You can connect with Cary @CaryPfeffer and by subscribing to his Monthly Memo at More information about the book can be found at


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