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15 Signs Indie Publishing is for You

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We’re always speaking to authors about what attracted them to the indie publishing process and we’ve heard it all. Below are the most common reasons indie author choose indie publishing (emphasis on choose).

Indie publishing is not a last resort for rejects. There are certainly people who still hold this view, but with all due respect those are the dinosaurs who can’t part with old publishing models. If you are researching indie publishing seriously here are the signs that it’s a perfect fit for your book:

1. Building your book(s) as a business appeals to you

2. You want to control your book’s direction and destiny

3. You’re interested in growing a business, brand, blog, or movement

4. You’re launching a writing career

5. You’re attracted to the idea of releasing your book as an ebook

6. Flexibility in the publishing process is a priority

7. Would like a speedier publishing process

8. Not interested in working with an agent

9. Setting your own pace appeals to you

10. Your book lends itself well to direct sales

11. You’re planning a series or multiple books

12. You have an existing relationship with your audience

13. You’re a speaker who is often asked if you have a book

14. Marketing is something you enjoy or would be willing to do regularly once published

15. Your work has been read and enjoyed by many who want you to publish your work

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  1. According to this list (and I definitely think it’s accurate) indie publishing is for me :)

    I was actually a business major when I first started college. I’ve always loved it. And that still appeals to me. Plus I love writing and I want to make a living off of it. Indie publishing is the way for me :)

  2. Yesenia I would absolutely say that indie publishing is for you, especially if you’re launching a career writing books. Thank you so much for the comment and keep up the good work on your blog. We love your site!

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