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Launch Your Book With a Bang

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We’re asked all the time about book releases and whether there is a right or wrong time to release your book. Our quick answer is no, BUT, here are some tips to keep in mind as you’re getting ready to introduce your book to the market.

1. If your book is releasing after July, put the next year on your copyright page

A book printed (or released electronically) after July is eligible to have their book’s print year as the following year. This increases your book’s ability to be “new.”

2. Always start with a bang

Launch your book with an event. A launch party, a blog tour, a speaking gig, a formal announcement on Facebook and Twitter, are all ways to tell the world your book is available. You want your networks especially to spread the word to help you alert the masses. Here’s a great post from a new author on book launch tips.

3. Plan the first three months after your book hits the market

Once you know the release date for your book, put together a plan for at least the next three months. Even if the events aren’t confirmed, put it in your plan anyway. Include everything from your social media plans, blogs, newsletters, signings, speaking events, fairs, trade shows, and conferences. You’ll need to also include any intentions you have in contacting the media.

4. Use social media to engage and promote

A social media strategy for launching your book is a must. Create social media accounts for your book at least a month prior to the launch. The sooner the better. Pick a date to announce the launch of your book using Twitter and Facebook. Keep this audience engaged, especially in the first months of your book being out to keep you fresh in the minds of your followers and fans.

5. Start a soft launch before your book hits the market

A soft launch is a more relaxed way of introducing your book to the world and works perfectly to generate buzz before your book’s release. Two to four weeks prior to your release, use Facebook and Twitter to start a countdown, share your writing/publishing experiences prior to launching, and publicize the impending launch.

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