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17 Things Your Book and Your Valentine Have in Common


1. It occupies your every thought.

At the grocery store: I wonder what would happen if I added. . .

At work: Wow, that sentence was just so beautiful.

Going to sleep: That character HAS to go.


2. You have eyes for no one else.

There’s only room for one set of characters at a time in your life.


3. Your friends don’t understand why you spend so much time together.

This is usually how the conversation goes:

Friends: Can you go out tonight?

You: You know, I promised that I’d spend some alone time with my book tonight, sorry!


4. It can be needy.

You: But I JUST changed that section.

Your Book: Really, really not good enough.


5. You have some fundamental similarities.

It’s truly uncanny how many details of your life you two share.


6. You are each other’s everything.

It is what pushes you forward, and you are literally the reason it exists.


7. Sometimes you two need your space.

You love it. You do. But there are some problems in your relationship that can only be solved through distance.


8. No matter how much you think you can change it, it always does things its own way.

Let’s just say your expectations at the beginning of this relationship were very different.


9. You fight a lot, but you always resolve it in the end.

Sure, you really wanted that paragraph to work, but compromise is necessary in any relationship.


10. Sometimes, it really gets on your nerves.

Just TELL me what you WANT!


11. Your relationship is a lot less glamorous than you thought it would be.

Expectation: Fun dates in fancy coffee shops, inspirational trips to Paris, effortless beauty in every word.

Reality: You’ve seen it in its earliest stages with its abounding bedhead, and it is not pretty.


12. You can be a little uneasy about your future together.

You’re trusting that all your effort will pay off, but there are days when it feels nearly impossible.


13. No matter how much time you spend together, it never seems to be enough.

Even though you eat, sleep, and breathe each other, you still miss it when it’s out of sight.


14. Not everyone understands the bond that you share.

Really, only other writers seem to get it, and that’s why you keep them around.


15. You’ve been through a lot together.

Just as you’ve seen it through its worst moments, it has been right beside you, pulling you through your darkest days.


16. It’s all worth it in the end.

Sometimes, when you take a step back and realize what you have in front of you, you remember why you’ve given so much of yourself to it.


17. It makes you a better version of yourself.

No matter how crazy you think it’s making you, it pushes you to be the best you can be and to give the best you can give.