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6 Books to Read this Fall


Fall is an interesting time in the Midwest where we get excited for orchard visits, cooler weather, and cuddling with our pets without them being like little balls of fire, but we are dreading the approaching winter. Excited or not excited about fall, I think there is one consolation that most of us agree on: fall is a great time to use the excuse of cooler weather to stay inside and catch up on some good books. It’s a good thing that Wise Ink has a lot of titles coming out this season. Here is a list of some good books to curl up with.


Unveiled Beauty by Lisa Harris

Unveiled Beauty is a combination of three wonderful kinds of expressions: poetry, fashion, and photography. It puts together artful photographs of everyday women in a fashionable way along with poetry that is meant to create a sense of romance and beauty while looking at social issues that women encounter day to day. While it may not be a typical “sit down and read” kind of book, it offers much for a reader to explore.

You can find the book and more about the author on or buy your copy on amazon.

You can also find the author on twitter @FashionMPoetry

The Ill-Kept Oath by C. C. Aune

The-Ill Kept Oath is an interesting blend of YA, fantasy, and history. The author describes the work as something that fans of Jane Austen would love. Here is a quick plot synopsis taken from goodreads:

“A newcomer to London society, Prudence longs for the enchantment of love and instead finds real magic in her late mother’s ring. But power brings peril, and strange mishaps culminate in an assassin’s bullet. Ensnared by the web of a malevolent socialite, Prudence forsakes romance to fight for her freedom.

Josephine fears an eternity of confined country life until rampaging trolls, a gang of drunken vigilantes, and a flirtatious officer bring her all the adventure she craves. Compelled by birthright to take up arms, she embraces her newfound, unladylike abilities to shield her loved ones from harm.

As danger drives a wedge through their friendship, Josephine and Prudence must face their magical legacy and the enemy who will kill to control them.”

You can find the book at Seattle Book Company  and on amazon


awizardsforgeA Wizard’s Forge by A. M. Justice

Don’t take the title at face value. A Wizard’s Forge takes place on a whole other planet, with our protagonist, Victoria, dealing with pirates, being locked in a tower, and gaining vengeance on her captor with the help of a source of magical power. Add a romantic conflict with a kindhearted prince whose family seeks to fight her previous captor and tyrant, and you have the formula for an exciting and enthralling YA read.

If you’re interested in learning more about the author and the book, you can go to

To purchase the book, you can go to amazon or Seattle Book Company



The Blazing Star by Imani Josey

Not your typical YA, this book takes us to ancient Egypt where Portia, her twin sister, and an innocent freshman learn how to navigate a new place and new time period along with the new powers they discover. Never feeling important or special in her own time, Portia soon finds that she has the power to perform magic and that she has the power to be brave, too.

You can pre-order the book on her website at



The Breedling & The City in the Garden by Kimberlee Bastian

After the world of Euxinis has been taken over by the Fates, it is unheard of that any would defy them, especially a breedling, the youngest of Euxian creatures. Bartholomew goes against them and their will and is imprisoned for his choice. There are others who want to defy the Fates and restore the world, but Bartholomew must choose for himself what his destiny should be: a defiant breedling or a hero.

Find the book on amazon and Seattle Book Company



Shattered by Michelle Tikalsky

Callie has dealt with living under her mother’s strict rule after her parents split apart, but she holds onto the piano song her father taught her, music being her escape from her mother’s expectations and bullying classmates.

Mitch’s dad became an alcoholic after his mother died, but Mitch is able to endure his behavior by throwing himself into playing in his band.

One day, someone runs into Callie in the hall. One day, Mitch accidentally bumps into someone on his way to class.

Shattered is the story of two teens who may just help each other through this time in their lives using their shared love of music.

You can find the book on amazon to get your copy or at Barnes & Noble.


That wraps up the list of books for fall, but there will be more to come, so keep your eyes open and your little hearts excited for more reading suggestions. If you liked this list or have any suggestions for other reading lists, let us know in the comments.

Also, don’t forget to kindly leave a review on amazon if you enjoyed any of the books on this list.

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